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WoW Realms

WoW Realms on the App Store
WoW Realms on the App Store

Check the status of your favorite World of Warcraft realm right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

WoW Realms provides status information for all the American, European, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese realms for the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

The application provides the following features:

Supported languages:


WoW Realms requires an internet connection to work.




The Realms tab will give an overview of all the realms within a region or regions.

Tapping on a realm will reveal additional information about that realm.

You can also mark your favorite realms.



Within the Favorites tab you will find a list of all the realms (across multiple regions) you have marked as favorite.

For the realms you have marked as favorite you will receive push notifications when they go offline and when they come back online.



Whenever there are special alerts from Blizzard you can find them within the Alerts tab.

The information displayed is the information normally shown on the logon screen of your World of Warcraft game client.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which iOS versions are supported?
  2. Starting with the introduction of iOS 7 initially we will only be releasing updates to WoW Realms that will require iOS7 as a minimum version of the OS. Over time we will try to support iOS version 6.0.
  3. My realms is down, but WoW Realms still tells me it is up. Why?
  4. The data that Blizzard is providing for the status of realms is always a couple of minutes behind (sometimes up to 5 minutes or more) the actual state of the physical realms you play on. You can see the same type of delay on the Realms Status pages (US, EU, TW, KR and CN) that Blizzard are hosting themselves.
  5. Will there be an iPad version?
  6. At this moment we have not made any plans for an iPad version, but it is highly likely that we will create an iPad version as well.
  7. Why does WoW Realms need an internet connection?
  8. WoW Realms relies on data provided by Blizzard Entertainment which is accessed via the internet. Every time WoW Realms refreshes the realm information, it is connecting with Blizzard's services to determine the current state for all of the realms. Also when marking realms as favorite information is sent to our servers to keep track of your favorites so when required we can sent push notifications to your device informing you on the current state of your favorite realm(s).