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May 2012

WoW Realms 1.5 has been submitted

We have just submitted version 1.5 of WoW Realms to Apple for review. The following changes have been implemented within this version

- Added PVP Zone information for both Wintergrasp and Tol Barad (Controlling faction, time to next battle)

- Optimized refresh process

It usually takes Apple about 5-7 days (based on past experience) to get the app reviewed (mainly waiting to get picked up), so hopefully by the end of next week it should be available within the App Store.

Take care!!!

Sneak peek for WoW Realms 1.5

You may already have seen the sneak preview for WoW Realms version 1.5 on our Twitter feed (@littlegemsw), but if you haven't here is your chance.

Battleground info

For every realm you will be able to see;

  • Current faction holding either Wintergrasp or Tol Barad and when the next one is scheduled (Next at ~xx:xx)
  • If a battle is in progress (In progress...)
  • If you can start queueing for a battle (Populating...)
  • or the battle has just finished (Concluded)

We are still testing this new version of WoW Realms but are confident we will be able to submit it to Apple for review somewhere next week.

Take care!!!

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